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We are a community of dedicated and passionate educators driven to help our students. Ruth Finsthwait, founder and creator of Spanish Curriculum, will personally be in your corner supporting you as you implement the curriculum in your classroom.

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Included in your free resources is 1 week of ready-to-use Spanish lessons for Spanish levels 1-4. This means you get...
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Proof It Works


“Spanish Curriculum by SombreroTime has saved me so much time on planning. It helps the class to have a routine so the kids know what to expect. I found kids playing the games with the target words even when they are not in Spanish class. As a Second year teacher this curriculum is exactly what I needed to build the foundation in my school for our Spanish program. Thank you!"

-Evelyn Klingelsmith


“Spanish Curriculum by SombreroTime has been my support every moment since I started teaching at AME. I could not have done it without the amazing training and support from you guys. Spanish Curriculum has the tools and strong foundation a teacher needs to implement an immersive environment in the classroom. I love the curriculum because it gives me a focus idea for me to built and create from. The organized standard based lesson plans, allow me extra time for scaffolding during my prep times. I have been using SombreroTime for almost eight years, and in my opinion, it is the most effective way to teach Spanish in an immersive setting.”

-Lucia De La Torre

Meet Ruth Finsthwait 

Creator of Spanish Curriculum 

Ruth Finsthwait, co-founder & CEO of Spanish Curriculum, is dedicated to teaching Spanish through immersion and to developing the whole child. She is the author of Spanish Curriculum and a sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops. Ruth graduated from UC Davis with a degree in human development, earning her Masters of Science degree in special education and her BCLAD from San Jose State University. 

About Spanish Curriculum

Since 2006 Spanish Curriculum been helping teachers like you by developing and testing immersive curriculum products for Spanish elementary, middle, and high school education.  Our team of bilingual educators and language experts create products tailored for the immersion environment to address all areas of language development-reading, writing, listening and speaking in Spanish. 

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